Become Irresistible.

Soften, tame & grow coarse and/or damaged hair.


A woman‘s confidence rises when she achieves her own definition of desirable hair.  The Mermeida Grow Box gives you a form of control over the way your hair looks and behaves.


  • 1 product for growth, protection and breakage control
  • 1 Product for moisturizing & manageability
  • 1 product to deep condition, reconstruct & shine

92% of our Hair Box customers report a total transformation in their texture, length, manageability & shine.

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Become bright, blemish-free & glowed up.


There’s some truth in the quote “you can tell how confident a woman is by the amount of makeup she wears”.  Our Skin Box is designed to free yourself from the shackles of your overly packed makeup bag.  


  • 1 product for cleansing, acne fighting & prevention
  • 1 product for acne marks and minor hyperpigmentation 
  • 1 product for protecting your skin from the sun while delivering light yet intense hydration
  • 1 product that moisturizes and tints your skin (light, medium, dark)
  • 1 product that will immediately brighten and balance your complexion-powder (universal shade)

93% of Skin Box customers report a major reduction in acne, blemishes and uneven complexions.  100% of customers are satisfied with their purchase.

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Eliminate chapped, flat, discolored lips.


The reason that women pay big bucks to perfect their lips is because full, soft, even lips make us feel like bosses! See what your natural lips can do without injections.


  • A product to buff away dead skin and soften your lips
  • A product to help lessen hyperpigmentation
  • A product to plump your lips
  • A product to give your lips color (Mood shade)

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