Mermeida is an award winning aquatic product that contains a proprietary blend of marine plants including aquatic components like seaweed, red algae and fish oil.  Our dynamic daily leave-in moisturizer in combination with our scientific calendar is proven to lengthen and beautify your hair at a rate faster and more efficient than any other product currently on the market.

  • Hair goes from hard to soft
  • Hair goes from limp to plump
  • Hair goes from not growing to growing
  • Hair goes from dull to illustrious
  • Hair goes from frizzy to texturized
  • Hair goes from stiff to floppy
  • Made for every ethnicity
  • Designed for COARSE hair textures.

"I've been using Mermeida for 6 months.  My hair Is 5 inches longer and on fleek!  When you follow the Mermeida system it really works."  

-Kara Lange

"I never thought my real hair would ever look better than my Malaysian Yaki weave that I'd been sporting for years.  You rock Mermeida!!!"

-Tisha Campbell

Don't over-complicate getting beautiful hair.
Our company has mastered a KISS (keep It simple stupid) way to grow coarse hair as long as biologically all while beautifying your tresses beyond belief.  It begins with our premium quality product and ends with following our scientifically designed hair calendar verbatim.  All of our ingredients are purified 3 times before ever making their way into our earth-friendly recycled bottles to assure our customers of the highest quality possible.  For our knowledge seekers out there, we have comprised a list of the key ingredients in Mermeida daily leave-in conditioner and have summarized the key attributes of each component:

  • Red Algae  >>  fatty acids found in marine algae help each hair strand to rebuild itself and grow stronger.
  • Chlorella >> a super nutrient that accelerates the production of keratin(the primary component found in hair) & treats wear & tear on the hair cuticle.
  • Squalane  >> derived from vegetables and acts as a conditioner to make strands soft, shiny & protected from harmful elements.
  • Sea Fennel  >>  a component with a unique cell structure, allowing maximum penetration of antioxidant peptides.
  • Odorless fish oil (from Atlantic Salmon) >>  nourishes hair & restores luster, strength and elasticity.

Many customers phone in and ask why we only have one product on our site.  We are always excited to tell them the answer. Our site is simple and only has 1 product because we don't release products unless they're tested & perfected.  Rest assured, if you purchase one of our products, we bet our bottom dollar that it will meet your quality standards and expectations


In 2016, Mermeida launched a 6 month study.  In the study, 100 participants used Mermeida original Mermaid moisturizer and followed the Mermeida mermaid calendar for styling, cutting, cleansing and moisturizing.  The results are posted below.

  • 92% reported a dramatic improvement in the texture and elasticity of their hair.
  • 94% reported that the Mermeida method grew their hair longer.
  • 92% reported minimal breakage and tangling.
  • 100% reported that Mermeida saved their hair and unlocked its true potential.