• Hair goes from hard to soft
  • Hair goes from limp to plump
  • Hair goes from not growing to growing
  • Hair goes from dull to illustrious
  • Hair goes from frizzy to texturized
  • Hair goes from stiff to floppy
  • Made for every ethnicity
  • Designed for COARSE hair textures.


To create the most brilliant product on the market, we asked ourselves....what would a mermaid eat?  We then combined a Mermaid's diet with a haircare guide designed by holistic scientists to create the most revolutionary haircare system on the market to grow & beautify coarse hair.  To our surprise, we couldn't keep Mermeida in stock upon giving out samples in Spring 2015.  Follow the system verbatim and you'll have hair that's so beautiful people will just assume it's fake.  Guaranteed.

"I've been using Mermeida for 6 months.  My hair is 5 inches longer and on fleek!  When you follow the Mermeida system it really works."  

-Kara Lange

"I never thought my real hair would ever look better than my Malaysian Yaki weave that I'd been sporting for years.  You rock Mermeida!!!"

-Tisha Campbell

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